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Who is Aiden Wagner?

Aiden is a dedicated athlete who places a heavy focus on physical and mental preparation prior to, during and after every event he competes in. When I am not preparing bikes ahead of a race meeting, or spending time with my personal trainer preparing myself physically, I enjoy spending time around the home in rural Queensland Australia on a Motocross bike or push bike riding ensuring I am prepared as best as possible for every event I compete in.

Personal Information

Nationality: Australian
Location: Queensland
Date of Birth: 14 June 1994
Current Age: 22 Years Old
Height: 177cm
Weight: 70kg
Racing Number: 41

Goals and Objectives

To continue to deliver 100% dedication toward my racing and
reaching the highest category possible.

To succeed in my passion for motorcycle racing and
become a world champion.

World Supersport Rider

In 2015 I was a Wildcard Entry and since then I have raced with GRT Racing in 2016 and Team Lorini Honda in 2017. I am currently considering my options for the remainder of 2017 after leaving Team Lorini Honda due to problems with bike along with team communication.